• 145 St Marychurch Road, Plainmoor, Torquay, TQ1 3HW
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Reviews for Green Chillies an Indian Takeaway in Torquay

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Green Chillies is the best by far

I have tried a few Indians in Torquay but Green Chillies is the best by far. I love the pasanda and have even converted family members from their usual dishes as it's soooooo good!! Thank you

Elaine Gibson, Torquay at Aug 13, 2023

Food is hot tasty and fresh

I've been ordering from green chillies for about 16 years the best Indian or takeaway in Torbay food is hot tasty and fresh .

D Ensinger, Torquay at Jul 13, 2023

Allways nice

Allways nice

Ben Freeman, Torquay at Jul 2, 2023

Always fresh

Always fresh

paul ROCHESTER, Torquay at May 28, 2023

Lovely grub

Lovely grub

Phil Snell, Torquay at May 20, 2023

Never had a bad order

Always great food. Never had a bad order.

Angela Thomas, Torquay at Apr 1, 2023

Thank You

The Reeves Road Thank You Great Meal Tonight Topped Off A Great Mothers Day Thank You

Lee H, Torquay at Mar 19, 2023

Our favourite place

Our favourite place for a takeaway it’s always amazing!

Stacey House, Torquay at Mar 3, 2023



Matthew House, Torquay at Jan 21, 2023

Always excellent

Always excellent service and food

Charlotte Johnson, Torquay at Dec 22, 2022

Best Indian food in the bay

Best Indian food in the bay

Rob Moir, Torquay at Dec 21, 2022

Standard never drops

Always great, standard never drops, can order with complete confidence

Stephen Passmore, Torquay at Oct 29, 2022

Freshly cooked, always tasty

Freshly cooked, always tasty not too greasy like others. Our favourite, been using them for years, recommended to friends and family too. Tried other Indian takeaways, not even close. Vindaloo recommended if you like it hot.

Paul Turner, Torquay at Oct 15, 2022

Everything cooked to perfection

Everything cooked to perfection

Ken Dent, Torquay at Oct 8, 2022

Great food

Great food great service.

Roger BURKE, Torquay at Oct 8, 2022

Excellent food

Excellent food generous portions always piping hot

Martyn Gilliver, Torquay at Sep 18, 2022

Food great

Food great

Deborah Clift, Torquay at Sep 16, 2022

5 stars

5 stars

Peggy Dodge, Torquay at Aug 24, 2022

Always top notch

Can't fault food from here . Always top notch. Definitely recommend

Richard hhhh, Torquay at Aug 22, 2022

Best Indian takeaway we’ve had ever!

Best Indian takeaway we’ve had ever, piping hot & so delicious beautiful, thankyou.

Jenny Pym, Jacks lane , Torquay at Aug 13, 2022

Excellent food well worth the money

Excellent food well worth the money If you pre order no long wait for delivery ,really good service .

Micaela Jarvis, Torquay at Jul 23, 2022

Delicious food everytime

Delicious food everytime, thank you

Silvia Palazon, Tq2 7bh at Jul 22, 2022



Kirstie Mills, Torquay at Jul 14, 2022

best in Torbay

best in Torbay

ted chippington, TORQUAY at Jul 12, 2022

Great taste

Food was hot great taste

Emma Damerell, TORQUAY at Jun 1, 2022



Carole West, Torquay at May 14, 2022

Food is always hot and fresh

Food is lovely. Excellent vindaloo which is actually spicy. The kebab rolls are really nice too. Food is always hot and fresh.

Maria, Torbay at Apr 12, 2022

Excellent food

Excellent food, efficient and great team TripAdvisor Torbayaotearoa

Ian Barnes, Torquay at Feb 18, 2022

Great food

Great food

Shane Bowden, Torquay at Feb 6, 2022

Great food

Great food

Shane Bowden, Torquay at Feb 6, 2022

Always excellent

Always excellent well recommended

Mark Carpenter, Torquay at Jan 29, 2022

Brilliant food

Brilliant food n service

Craig Bryant, Torquay at Jan 19, 2022

Excellent food

Excellent food always hot and delicious

Neil Colledge, Torquay at Jan 15, 2022

Good set meal

Very nice food and a good set meal thank you

Jason Birch, Torquay at Dec 31, 2021

Food is always flavoursome

Food is always flavoursome, and hot when it arrives. Service is reliable.

Roger Trethewey, Torquay at Dec 21, 2021

Lush food

Lush food, brilliant service, great new easy way to order Thank you guys Merry Christmas everyone

Angie Bee, Torquay at Dec 18, 2021

Great service

Great service every week!

Marlize Beukes, Torquay at Dec 17, 2021

Always great food

Always great food.

Adam Morton, Torquay at Dec 13, 2021

Tonight's Meal Was Superb

Tonight's Meal Was Superb Tasty And Most Enjoyable

Lee, The Reeves Torquay at Dec 4, 2021

The best thank you

Spoilt us. Just moved to Torquay and was looking forward to trying out different Indians. Only we found green chillies first and the food was too good to go anywhere else. The best thank you

Gavin Ashby, Torquay at Nov 19, 2021

Love the food

Love the food

Steve Parker, Torquay at Nov 18, 2021

The best

Brilliant food and service.. The best

Sue Bramwell, Torquay at Sep 10, 2021

Fantastic tasty food

Fantastic tasty food, always arrives hot

Julie Lansbury, Torquay at Aug 28, 2021

Gurt lush food

Gurt lush food always spot on. Ansom bleddy lovely

Gareth quaintance, TORQUAY at Aug 19, 2021

Food is really good

Green Chillies was recommended to me and I have not had one bad takeaway from here. Food is really good, always hot when it arrives, no complaints at all.

Scott Hillier, Torquay at Jun 19, 2021

Very taste, authentic food

Very taste, authentic food. Always order from greenchillies if we fancy India takeaway.

julia connor, torquay at Jun 12, 2021

Always love the food from here

Always love the food from here. Last couple of time there has been a couple of bits missing from the order but this has been quickly retified & sent to us

Laura Jeffries, Torquay at Jun 5, 2021



Trudi Knapman, Torquay at May 8, 2021

Brilliant service

Brilliant service, wouldn’t order my curry from anywhere else

Jamie Cole, Torquay at Apr 24, 2021

The food from here never disappoints

The food from here never disappoints

Stephen Dineen, Torquay at Apr 21, 2021

Love the food and service

Love the food and service

Jenna Tandy, Torquay at Apr 16, 2021

Always amazing quality

Always amazing quality.

Dani Turner, Torquay at Mar 26, 2021



Jamie Gillett, Torquay at Mar 12, 2021

Always fabulous !!

Always fabulous !!

Josephine Willcocks, Torquay at Mar 12, 2021

Best take away in the bay by a mile

Have been getting currys from here for over 10 years and they have all been first class, best take away in the bay by a mile

Simon Hart, Torquay at Mar 5, 2021

Best curries in town

Best curries in town. Yum.

Joe T, Torquay at Feb 21, 2021

Very good

Very good

christine till, Torquay at Feb 19, 2021

Always good always on time!

Always good always on time!

Paul Thompson, Torquay at Feb 13, 2021

Fantastic food

This take away is equal to the curry mile in Manchester, I have tried most curry places in Torbay and this is by far the best.. Shame they don't do chapattis which is a bit of a let down and my only reason for not giving them 5 stars Fantastic food

roy niemeyer, TORQUAY at Jan 21, 2021

Great place

Great place

Scott Milton, Torquay at Jan 14, 2021

Fantastic takeaway

Fantastic takeaway. Tasty fresh food.

Marion Ricketts, Torquay at Dec 18, 2020

Best takeaway in town

We have enjoyed our food every time we order. Best takeaway in town

Stacey Cartwright, Torquay at Dec 7, 2020

Wouldn't go anywhere else

Excellent food, been a customer for years, wouldn't go anywhere else. Delivery takes a while though so be prepared to wait.

Kirsty Roberts, Torquay at Dec 5, 2020

Nice and easy

Nice and easy way to order your food, the online site has been set up in such a way as to make ordering straight forward.

William Hooper, Torquay at Dec 1, 2020

Great quality food

Great quality food

Gaz Raines, Torquay at Nov 28, 2020

Food is great

Always good service. Food is great.

Alison, Torquay at Nov 28, 2020

Love the chicken tikka masala!

Love the chicken tikka masala!

Kelly Jones, Torquay at Nov 20, 2020

Awesome food!!!

Awesome food!!! Simply delicious

David Allen-Cooper, Torquay at Nov 19, 2020

Brilliant takeaway

Brilliant takeaway wouldn't go anywhere else

nicola Stephens, Torquay at Nov 14, 2020

Lovely delicious food

Lovely delicious food

Edwina Holland, Torquay at Nov 8, 2020

Great food!!

Great food!!

Robbie, Torquay at Oct 31, 2020

Amazing food!

Amazing food!

Karen Penney, Torquay at Oct 2, 2020



Joanne Dennis, Torquay at Sep 12, 2020

Delicious food

Delicious food excellent service

Jeff Whitehead, Torquay at Sep 12, 2020

Awesome food!

Awesome food!

Julie Mercer-Hooper, Torquay at Aug 31, 2020

1st class in every way

1st class in every way.

Sue Holley, Torquay at Aug 6, 2020

Best in the bay

Lovely fresh food, delivered hot, best in the bay.

Sharon Hutchins, TORQUAY at Jul 24, 2020



Cassie Foulkes, Torquay at Jul 17, 2020

Great food

Great food and polite people

dominic thomas, Torquay at Jul 8, 2020

Fantastic curries every time

Good Service and fantastic curries every time. We would not go anywhere else now !!!

ROBERT CAVALIERE, Torquay at Jun 21, 2020

Lovely food

lovely food

JEMMA ROWE, TORQUAY at May 23, 2020

Very good

Very good a hour for delivery would be better, being a regular customers

Susan Hunt, Torquay at May 16, 2020



nicole bickel, Devon at May 16, 2020

Love the food

Love the food and great service. Regular customer

David Coles, Kingskerswell at May 16, 2020

Thank you for supplying us all through the virus

Never had a bad experience . Food is lovely and prices are reasonable . My go to Indian take away! Thank you for supplying us all through the virus.

zoe webley, Torquay at May 15, 2020

Excellent food and excellent value for money

Excellent food and excellent value for money - quick delivery and friendly service

claudia O'Neill, Torquay at May 11, 2020

Great food

Great food, nice and hot. Fast delivery

Michelle Reeves, Torquay at May 9, 2020

Easily our favourite curry house

We always get a great curry from green chillies. Easily our favourite curry house.

Jono, Torquay at Apr 30, 2020

Highly recommend

Great food after a busy week thank you!! Highly recommend

Nicholas Broom, Torquay at Apr 17, 2020

10 out of 10

first class food.excellent service with friendly staff.10 out of 10

andy gardiner, torquay at Apr 11, 2020



Russ Pym, Torquay at Apr 8, 2020



andrew molford, Torquay at Apr 8, 2020

Lovely fresh food

quick delivery for lovely fresh food every time

Vanessa Jervis, Torquay at Apr 1, 2020

Site was easy to use

Site was easy to use.

Lynn Hobbin, Torquay at Mar 26, 2020

Gorgeous food

Gorgeous food

Julia Bowman, Torquay at Feb 22, 2020

Amazing food

Amazing food best Indian in bay and have tried them all.

Claire Griffin, Torquay at Feb 15, 2020

Top class Indian dishes

Top class indian dishes Chicken tikka ample portion and so tasty

Roy Taylor, Torquay at Dec 28, 2019

Always good food

Always good food. Order early as delivery isn’t very swift.

Warren McMahon, Torquay at Dec 14, 2019

Great food always hot and fresh

Great food always hot and fresh. Great service and friendly Staff.

Mike Pallett, Torquay at Dec 13, 2019

Best Indian food in Torbay

Best Indian food in Torbay. I've tried them all and trust me - this is the best.

Alan Furniss, Torquay at Nov 9, 2019

Delicious food

Delicious food and quick delivery

jamie matthews, TORQUAY at Oct 12, 2019

5 Stars all the way

Best take away Curry by far. I have ordered many times from here and never been disappointed. Only negative I could say is the wait time for orders on a Friday or Saturday can be long, but that's due to the fact they're so popular. 5 Stars all the way.

Ross Williams, Torquay at Sep 28, 2019

Always satisfying

Usually very good but occasionally to much oil. But overall always satisfying

Steve Rich, Torquay at Sep 1, 2019

Love the food

Always on time and we have ordered a few times love the food

Lynn Spencer, Torquay at Jul 18, 2019

Best Indian in the bay

Best Indian in the bay

lisa bloomfield, Torquay at Jul 12, 2019

Always excellent food and service

Always excellent food and service

antony doan, Torquay at Apr 14, 2019

Best Indian

Best Indian

Claire West, Torquay at Jan 30, 2019

As expected,excellent

As expected,excellent 5 stars...

Kevin Merrett, Stmarychurch at Jan 26, 2019

Great food

Great food and decent size dishes. 5*

GARY LOVERIDGE, Torquay at Jan 19, 2019

Excellent tasty food

Excellent tasty food

Fiona Waller, Torquay at Jan 15, 2019



Rachel Boyko, Torquay at Jan 11, 2019

Tasty food

Fresh ingredients, tasty food and excellent customer service.

Dan K, Torquay at Jan 5, 2019

Best I’ve had in a long time

Good food best I’ve had in a long time

Kim Dunkley, Torquay at Dec 7, 2018

My favourite Indian

Delicious food, my favourite Indian. If they only delivered quickly we would order even more!

Penny O'Keefe, Torquay at Nov 17, 2018

Love your food

Love your food and great customer service!

Judith Brooks, Torquay at Nov 10, 2018

The food is amazing

Have used Green Chillies many many times now. The food is amazing I've never had need to complain about the food. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is that delivery takes forever! Usually always more than the 1 hour stated, sometimes 1 hour and a half or more! When you call to chase it up the customer service is lacking, never an apology or gesture off your next bill to say sorry. Improve this for a full 5 stars!

Scot, Torquay at Sep 8, 2018

Love this place!

Love this place!

Davina Lutherlove this place, Torquay at Jul 14, 2018

Best chicken chat

Best chicken chat I have ever had....Every time!

Neil Sanders, Torquay at Jul 6, 2018

Best chicken chat

Best chicken chat I have ever had....Every time!

Neil Sanders, Torquay at Jul 6, 2018

Always consistent quality

Always consistent quality and if there is a problem they are quick to sort it.

Lee Willicott, Torquay at May 13, 2018

Lovely food

One of best Indian restaurant in Torquay, lovely food and always delived on time.

steve horsey, Torquay at May 6, 2018

Awesome awesome awesome

Awesome awesome awesome Change your order add upgrades nothing to much trouble in my opinion best in torbay

Richard Knapman, Torquay at May 4, 2018



Stephen Crook, TORQUAY at Apr 9, 2018


Faultless! Would not go anywhere else! Thank you for the consistency of both quality of food and service (over a lot of years!)

Alison Ford, Torquay at Mar 31, 2018


Best Indian in the Bay ?

Derek Bird, TORQUAY at Mar 25, 2018


Lovely food, delicious every time ☺️

Linda Sage, Torquay at Mar 24, 2018

best around

all ways a great tasty meal best around

ian butt, torquy at Mar 14, 2018

Brilliant food

Brilliant food and very polite staff. Helped sort out my mistake with order. Thankyou so much for my order.

Angela Johnson, TORQUAY at Jan 13, 2018

very good

Food always very good

Gordon Carlo, Torquay at Jan 1, 2018

Very tasty and good value

Very tasty and good value for money best in torbay

Lorraine Carlin, Torquay at Dec 15, 2017



Andrew Davies, at Dec 9, 2017

Excellent service

Excellent service, cannot fault anything.

A B, Torquay at Nov 11, 2017

Delighted with our food

We order from here regularly and have always been delighted with our food. We have even asked to customise a dish and they happily agreed. The staff are very welcoming on the phone and when collecting. The chicken korma is by far the best in the bay.

tracey Hutchison, Torquay at Sep 8, 2017

Lovely food

Lovely food

Laura Jessup, Torquay at Sep 7, 2017

You can't beat it

If we have a takeaway curry it's always from Green chillies, you can't beat it . Never had a bad curry ,always hot and order is always correct.

jackie heathman, Devon at Sep 6, 2017

Great food every time

Great food every time - hands down our favourite Takeaway. We tried them once and now never gone anywhere else.

Andy , Torquay at Sep 6, 2017

top quality.

Always a great welcome, easy to order and food top quality.

Ian Faulkner, Torquay at Sep 6, 2017

5 star

Green Chillies is one of the best Indian Takeaways you can find - as a vegetarian I can vouch for their vegetarian choices - staff on the phone are helpful as well as there delivery guys, give them a go, I promise you will be hooked like me - nothing tastier especially on a miserable evening, enjoy - definite 5 star rating without hesitation.

Kate Tyler, Torquay at Sep 6, 2017

Definitely the best Indian takeaway

Green Chillies is our top treat and unbeaten in our eyes for an awesome Indian meal. Parties, family get togethers, girly nights in; you name the occasion and we've used it as an excusee to order from Green Chillies! Definitely the best Indian takeaway in Torbay

Gillian Birch, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

We wouldn't go anywhere else

Cannot fault green Chillies , I have never had a bad meal in fact they get better and, if we want an Indian we wouldn't go anywhere else, great staff and fantastic food, their chicken dansak is the best in the bay.

Sandra Roberts, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

Great food, great prices

Have ordered from Green Chillies on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed. Great food, great prices and great customer service. Can't say more than that!

Laurence Lee, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

Fab food as always

Fab food as always. Quick service

Ashleigh, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

Food is excellent

Food is excellent and good Quality and always on time

Darren Houlahan , Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

The best Indian take away

The best Indian take away and very good service. Just try it and see what I mean

Jack Giblin, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

Very great mea

Very great mea came very hot,del very fast defo order from them again, thanks green chillies staff keep up the good work cheers will

william waugh, torquay at Sep 5, 2017

Great service

Great service, fantastic food, cheaper than most other curry houses and very delicious

Shane Hall, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

highly recommend!

Always fresh, huge portions, excellent value for price, finally we found our perfect indian food, always on time with delivery too, highly recommend!

leila hughes, torquay, devon at Sep 5, 2017


Fantastic, quality Indian food!

Keith Thompson, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017

favourite Indian

Consistently good quality food and we have been regulars for quiet a few years and it's our favourite Indian take away

Jarrod Hutt, Torquay at Sep 5, 2017


Excellent food although took 2 hours to arrive!


best Indian in Torbay

Green chillies is the best Indian in Torbay the food is fantastic

leslie, torquay at Apr 21, 2017

Best Indian

Best Indian Food Curry's In Torbay

Derek, Torquay at Sep 17, 2016

Highly recommended

Green Chillies is the fourth Indian restaurant I've tried in the Torquay area and easily the best; and by a good margin. Excellent food and very well prepared. Much more like authentic Indian cuisine than many "English-Indian" restaurants. Highly recommended; and I've eaten all over the subcontinent so I have a taste for Indian food.

John, Torquay at Dec 16, 2015

Highly recommend Green Chillies

Highly recommend Green Chillies. The best Indian food, so tasty and piping hot and reasonably priced. Very efficient service. I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Donna, Torquay at Jun 6, 2015

Best curry in the bay

Have lived in torquay for 4 years. Love my curry. Just started using Green Chili. Best curry in the bay

Gary, Torquay at May 10, 2015

Lovely grub

All very good. Lovely grub. Any thoughts of doing Paypal?

Tony, Torquay at May 9, 2015

definitely will be ordering again

First time we have ordered I can honestly say what a perfect Indian the food was very tasty and definitely will be ordering again very hot when it arrived and lovely service thank you

Lisa, Torquay at Oct 11, 2014

recommended to friends

Ordered for the first time after checking the wonderful reviews for Green Chillies. I can honestly say I was extremely happy with everything from the initial order and time given ready for collection to the food itself. All of our meal for two was piping hot and actually one of the tastiest Indian meals I have ever had. I will not hesitate to order again and have also recommended to friends and family. I very much look forward to the next time.

Donna, Torquay at Sep 3, 2014

best indian in Torquay

Just ordered a meal from here and it was the best indian in Torquay by far. Well done to the chef

lisa, Torquay at Aug 21, 2014

absolutely delicious

Having lived in Manchester for over 20years before retiring to Torquay , we are used to very high quality Indian food and what we have eaten tonight stands shoulder - to - shoulder with anything we have eaten from the famous Rusholme 'curry mile' . The service was amazingly fast , the food piping hot , and everything was absolutely delicious ! It will be our Indian food of choice everytime we have guests .

gillian melrose, torquay at Jul 9, 2014

wonderful dishes

thanks for the lovely service and wonderful dishes…:-)

ek, torquay at Mar 22, 2014

Best Indian restaurant in Torbay

I come from Glasgow and am used to good quality Indian food, you could even say it is our second national dish. Green Chillies has by far the best curry I have tasted since moving to Torquay.

Val McGee, Torquay at Jan 25, 2014

Will definitely be ordering again

First time we have ordered food from green chillies. Will definitely be ordering again. The food arrived piping hot and was really tasty. Each dish was amazing.

Ryhan, Torquay at Jan 3, 2014

Excellent food,

Excellent food, very quick service and always piping hot!!

michelle spence, torquay at Dec 29, 2013

Always a great meal

Great Indian takeaway and always consistent with fresh ingredients, fresh salad and fresh rice. Always a great meal

Jarrod, Torquay at Jun 4, 2013

Best in Torbay

We have been ordering from Green Chillies for 5+ years and can honestly say they are the best in Torbay no other indian will beat their food, and they are all very lovely people!

Abigail Bruce-Jones, Torquay at May 25, 2013

would recommend

we have a green chillies delivery probably every other week and we've been happy with most of our orders. lovely food and would recommend to friends.

Rob Burkitt, orkney close, torquay at Mar 30, 2013

Best Around


IAN, TORQUAY at Feb 13, 2013

very tasty

Lovely meal, very tasty and and arrived on time. Will be using again

BigA, Torquay at Sep 14, 2012

excellent food

excellent food quick service and always arrives piping hot .

mahoney366@hotmail.com, torquay at Jul 6, 2012

Always very good

Always very good service x

Christina, Torquay at Jul 2, 2012

always good

Food is always good

Julia, Torre at Jun 30, 2012

very nice;)

me, here at Jun 28, 2012

arrives hot and very tasty

We have ordered from Green chillies many times over the last year, and not had much to complain about! The last couple of orders have taken over an hour to deliver, but it always arrives hot and very tasty. We have yet to order a dish we didn't like.

Brian Harvey, 20 Henbury Close, Torquay at Jun 24, 2012

hot fresh and tasty

awesome food been getting take away from here years always hot fresh and tasty thx .

deb, torquay at Jun 21, 2012

The meal for one is superb, superb value and really tasty.

Service excellent and friendly, food always hot and on time. Never been disappointed.

Jason, Torquay at Oct 27, 2011

Going to miss this when place when i move to Australia!

Dont go anywhere else for your curry!<br> Just WOW No other curry place comes close to the flavors and portions.

Dean R, Torquay at Jul 23, 2011

10 out of 10

It was all fresh and so much flavour to it i would suggest it to everyone.

Jadey, Torquay at Jun 1, 2011

Just Fantastic

I live 4 miles away from this place and never go anywhere else, cant find any other curry like its flavour is incredible. If you want the best curry you have ever tasted go to green chilli.

Dean, Torquay at Jun 1, 2011

Hot and Plenty of it !

Takeaway last night, priced competitively,delivered within 40 mins, flavours excellent and good portions. Recommended without hesitation.

The M, Torquay at Jun 1, 2011